Cost of Health Insurance

You may have noticed that health insurance is expensive and costs continue to rise yearly. This is mostly due to the fact that hospitalization and treatment expenses are rising at alarming rates.

You’re probably not aware of just how much medical services cost because if you have health insurance, you usually only pay a certain amount such as with a co-payment. So, the reason your health insurance keeps increasing is because they have to pass their costs off to you.

Here are couple examples of why health insurance costs are rising:

  • Nationally, a single MRI costs an average of nearly $2,000
  • Heart bypass surgery can cost approximately $57,000
  • Name brand prescriptions cost an average of $71 for a one month supply; three times generic.

National expenditure for health care is expected to nearly double in the next ten years. Knowing what procedures cost and eliminating unnecessary medical care as well as saving money by going with generic alternatives whenever possible is a good way to keep healthcare affordable.

Make sure you also ask lots of questions of your doctor to ensure you get the right treatment. Also, review your explanation of benefits (EOB) and always ask about any costs that you don’t understand or recognize.

Finding Cheaper Health Insurance
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