Medigap health insurance is sold by private insurers to help fill any gaps found in Medicare policies. If you have an Original Medicare Plan and a Medigap health insurance, each will pay their share of your healthcare costs.

There are as many as twelve different standardized Medigap policies to choose from and all must follow Federal and State laws. Each plan (Plan A through Plan L) is clearly marked a “Medicare Supplement Insurance” and has different basic and extra health benefit.

Medigap Plans A through L are the same no matter who you purchase one from but you should be aware of which you need to purchase as prices may vary greatly.

When you have a Medigap health insurance policy, you must also carry Medicare Part A and B. You will have to pay a premium for Part B as well as the Medigap premium.

Also, you and your spouse must each carry your own Medigap policy. One plan will not cover healthcare cost for the both of you.