If you’re a low income individual or family and you can’t afford medical care, you may be eligible for low-income health insurance.

Low-income health insurance or Medicaid does not pay you money but instead sends money directly to healthcare providers. There may also be a small co-payment for certain medical services. Medicaid is state-administered so each state has its own eligibility and services guidelines.

A lot of people potentially covered by low-income health insurance must meet certain requirements. Some of these requirements may include your age, if you are pregnant, disabled, and/or blind. You will also need to prove your income and other financial resources such as bank accounts, property, and other valuable items that can be sold. You must also be a US citizen or a legally-entitled immigrant.

If you think you are eligible for low-income health insurance, you should check your state’s requirements. Even if you do not believe you qualify, if you apply for Medicaid, a qualified casework will be able to evaluate your particular situation.