Buying an Insurance Friendly Car

If you are in the market for a new or previously owned car, you can decrease your overhead by picking one that is deemed “insurance friendly”.

Insurance friendly cars typically perform well in accidents by minimizing damage and/or protecting the occupants. Keeping your car choice conservative by avoiding fast and flashy cars is another great way to avoid the expense of higher insurance premiums.

Flash Means More Money

Not only are bright, shiny, fast and flashy car typically more expensive on the car lot, they’re also usually more expensive to insure. Police will often target cars that attract attention especially if you drive a red, green, or silver vehicle.

Having a lot of horsepower is a temptation that is always hard to resist. What’s better than mashing the gas pedal and zooming down the freeway at high speed? Problem is that going too fast is always a losing proposition because eventually you will get a ticket and/or end up in a speed-related accident. Either way, your car insurance will take a hit and you end up paying more for your car in the long run.

Safety First Saves Money Later

Some cars do better in accidents than others. Every year’s new cars are rigorously tested to see how they fare in a variety of crash conditions. Picking a car that holds up well and keeps you and your passenger safe is a big determining factor for how much car insurance companies charge for insurance premiums.

Avoiding Theft

Safety and caution are two great ways to keep yourself out of trouble and avoid higher insurance bills but you can also go a long way by purchasing a car that is unattractive to thieves. You can read our article here about what kind of cars thieves target most as well as some practical common sense tips on how to lower the risk of having you car stolen.

You can also do a great deal of prevention by installing or ordering anti-theft devices for you vehicle. The insurance will usually give some nice discounts for having these so it’s a win/win for everyone.

You can read more about how to obtain anti-theft and safety feature discounts by going here.