Newly Insured

Newly insured drivers such as inexperienced and teen drivers can expect to pay more for car insurance premiums because insurance companies view them as more of a risk than experienced drivers.

The simple fact of the matter is that the younger the driver, the more you can expect to pay to cover a vehicle though young male drivers will be penalized far more than their female counterparts. In fact, if you are a new male driver under the age of 25, you can expect to pay as much as 50% more for insurance.

While newly insured young drivers can expect to substantially more than adult drivers, it gets somewhat cheaper once they reach 21.

The best advice for the average 17 year old driver buying insurance for the first time is to get used to budgeting for a substantially higher premium. They can also help themselves by driving carefully, avoiding tickets and accidents, and taking proactive steps to lower their insurance premium such as attending drivers’ education classes.