If you are convicted of Driving under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), your insurance rates will definitely increase if you aren’t dropped from the policy altogether.

If you are lucky and your policy isn’t cancelled, you can expect premium increase from 20% to 50% though the actual amount depends on the particular insurance company.

In addition, while having a DUI/DWI conviction doesn’t make finding car insurance impossible, it does make it very difficult. Insurance premiums will usually increase immediately upon renewal once the insurance company checks a driver’s DMV record. Afterward, a DUI or DWI will linger for three to seven years depending on the state’s laws.

Car insurance companies basically see DUI and DWI convictions as a very black and white issue and there is literally nothing to do to get your rate decreased.

Like paying more for being a teen driver, those who have drunken driving conviction can only wait for their rates to decrease when they are normally supposed to do so.