Bundling / Loyalty

A lot of car insurance companies will allow you to bundle their products together. So if you purchase several insurance products in addition to auto from them, you could conceivably save money and time.

Basically, if you own a car and a house and, you’ll need insurance coverage for everything and you may also be considering life insurance. If your insurance offers them, you can combine all these into one bill, which means you only make a single payment every month.

If you stick with your insurance company, you could be rewarded with a customer loyalty discount as well.

A lot of loyalty programs will also reward you for referring a relative or friend. They may also offer discounts in the form of Multi-Car and Renewal discounts. You may see saving as high as 25% to 30% for having more than one car insured under the same policy or by just renewing the policy when it is set to expire.

These are things you may wish to consider if you are considering changing to a new car insurance carrier, you may want to think about whether their premiums outweigh any discounts you receive for bundling products or by being loyal to your current one.