As you’re about to see, there’s a lot of ways you can easily find some serious savings in your car insurance if you just know what kinds of discounts you can find. has you covered with a host of great information on how you can start paying less for car insurance.

If you are a safe driver then you have found one of the best ways to save money on car insurance. The same goes for good student age 16 to 24. By keeping those grades high, you may be eligible for a much-needed discount. Driver education classes are also an excellent way for new drivers to save.

Then there’s insurance bundling, which allows you to save time and money by putting all your insurance expenses into one bill. Most insurance companies will also pass out customer loyalty discounts when you renew your policy with them.

For older drivers who want to bring their current car insurance rate down, a defensive driving course is usually an excellent way to do so. There are also discounts to be mined if you have or install any anti-theft and safety equipment in your vehicle.

Motorcyclists can see discounts and other helpful savings by completing a motorcycle safety training course. Finally, members of the military and senior drivers can usually seek varying discounts by simply calling their car insurer and asking for them.