Liability Coverage

Car insurance can seem confusing and there are a lot of choices but a little time and research will reveal it’s really not all that complicated.

Liability car insurance is meant to cover property damage and bodily injury to others affected if you are found at fault in an accident.

Each state has their own unique liability requirements needed to legally insure your vehicle. Some states strictly require this coverage while others will allow you to meet your financial responsibility through a cash deposit or surety bond. Liability coverage is still usually the easiest way to meet your state’s minimum liability requirements.

Liability car insurance is something that no driver should ever ignore. If you are ever involved in a serious accident in which you are found partially or totally at fault, you could face serious repair and medical costs as well as probable legal repercussions. Liability insurance shelters you from this, especially if it is combined with another form of coverage and as long as you carry enough, you should be able to withstand most claims and lawsuits sent your way. In addition, your car insurance will handle your legal defense if necessary.

Liability car insurance is usually divided into primary categories: bodily injury liability and property damage liability.