Claims and Claim Payments

How much you get for a claim is going to depend on a couple of things especially how the insurance adjustor evaluates your damage. This is going to largely depend upon on the insurance company but there are a few criteria they will follow that will ultimately determine how much you receive.

The adjustor will first consider what happened, the speed, the parties involved, and whether the police were called. From there they can determine if any laws were broken, tickets were handed out and other determining factors.

Fault must ultimately be determined before any checks can be issued. If liability is clear then the adjuster may issue a check right there. If not, then the accident will be further investigated, including the damage to the vehicles in order to figure out what happened.

If you are hurt, adjusters will usually ask you how long it took before you sought treatment, how your injuries were treated, the medications you were prescribed, how your treatment is proceeding, and so on. Adjusters will treat all injuries with a degree of skepticism until they can prove beyond doubt they are legitimate. Be patient, submit the information they require, and everything should proceed smoothly.

You may also be entitled to have your expenses reimbursed. Expenses can include how much you spent on medical bills and how much you lost in wages as a direct result of the accident. When it comes to property damage, you will need to submit at least one estimate and the adjuster may have a look at the automobile in order to assess the extent of the damage.

There are a couple of other factors you may wish to consider when settling a claim. If you have children to care for, you may need to hire someone to help and if you have a job that require physical exertion and you are temporarily or permanently disabled, you will definitely want to address that with the insurance company.

Once everything has been taken into consideration, the adjuster will evaluate your claim and make you an offer. They will typically lowball you and you should expect to make a counter-offer. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you might want to have an attorney do the talking for you. At some point, you should be able to arrive at a fair and sensible agreement. If you cannot, then it may be time to take them to court.