Auto Accidents Close to Home

According to research conducted by one notable insurance company, 77% of people who had an accident in 2001 were less than 15 miles from their homes.

We may think of home as being a safe haven but when it comes to car accidents, home has nothing to do with it. People typically get into wrecks on roads they frequently travel around their homes and this fact is actually used by insurance companies to help determine your premium.

Geographical location can play a significant role in determining car insurance premiums. For example, if you live in or around a busy, crowded city center, then it stands to reason you will pay more for car insurance than if you lived in sparsely populated rural area.

In addition, people are more likely to drive less carefully when they’re driving in an area they know very well versus where they’ve never travelled. The further people travel from their domestic centers into areas unfamiliar to them, the more likely they are drive more carefully and pay attention to signs, traffic, and other various hazards.

Insurance companies will also factor in things such as how frequently accidents occur as well as how much it costs to treat accident victims. This gives them a more precise idea as to how much to charge for coverage.