Workmen's Auto Insurance Company Does Not Credit Score

In response to Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink’s March 19,2009 press conference opposing the use of credit scoring in automobileinsurance, Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company is reminding its Floridapolicyholders and agents that it has never used an individual’s creditwhen considering their eligibility or determining their insurancepremium.

“Your credit is your business, not ours,” stated President and CEONicholas J. Lannutti. “Given the current state of the economy we wouldlike to reassure our policyholders that the price they pay for insurancewith Workmen’s Auto is – and will continue to be — based on factors suchas their driving record, where they live and the coverages they desire,and not on their credit score.”

Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company has written automobile insurance inFlorida for the past 15 years, working closely with local Floridaindependent agencies to provide coverage tailored to the specific needsof each policyholder. The company writes coverage ranging from the basicminimum to full coverage for families with multiple drivers and highervalue vehicles, offering a wide variety of discounts that reward safedriving, driver education, and owning vehicles equipped with certainsafety equipment, without the use of credit scoring.

Workmen’s Auto has been in business since 1949 and is active in 10states, from Washington to Florida. During these difficult economictimes, having dependably priced auto insurance from a strong and secureinsurance company is necessary to protect yourself and those around you.Local independent insurance agents are a great resource to helpconsumers find stable insurance solutions that are not dependent on yourcredit.