Who's Trying to Get Out of Traffic Tickets?

Memorial Day weekend will see a lot of drivers on the road and, no doubt, a lot of traffic summonses. But, when you see that police car off the side of the road, who’ll be trying to talk their way out of getting a ticket?

According to a national survey by Response Insurance, a national car insurer, the answer is: drivers with more money, more children, higher education, more testosterone, and maybe talking on a cell phone.

The Response Insurance National Driving Habits Survey revealed that 22% of men (versus 13% of women) attempt to talk their way out of being issued a moving violation. Similarly, 25% of drivers with incomes over $75,000 (versus just 16% of those making under $25,000); 21% of drivers with children (versus 11% of singles); and 20% of college educated (versus 10% of those with less than a high school diploma) make the attempt. In addition, 19% of drivers who talk on cell phones while behind the wheel, as opposed to 14% of non-cell phone users try to escape without a fine.

Response Insurance is a direct to the consumer auto insurer focusing on insuring safe, responsible people. The Company regularly provides to the public news and information regarding driver safety and transportation issues. They issue safety tips, reports, analyses, and conduct original research as a public service. This Response Insurance National Driving Habits Survey of 1,000 adults was conducted 8/18-21/05. The survey has a margin of error of + / -3%. This data is being released for the first time 5/23/06.

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SOURCE: Response Insurance