Van Drivers Leave the Scene of a Collision Without Correct Insurance Details

As many as 45% of van drivers don’t exchange the required personal information following a collision with another vehicle, according to Swinton Commercial.

With heavy snow across the UK making driving conditions treacherous, Swinton Commercial is advising drivers to take extra care on the roads and if they are involved in a collision to ensure they take down the insurance details of other drivers involved.

In the stress of the situation, many van drivers neglect to get the full name, address, mobile and home telephone numbers of the other driver and their insurance details. A survey of 1,200 Swinton Commercial van insurance customers found that an astonishing 15% of drivers even failed to take down the licence plate of the other vehicle.

Failing to take down all the required information can drastically slow down the process of making a claim or even invalidate the claim if the other driver can’t be traced due to the lack of personal information acquired at the scene.

Swinton Commercial advises that in the event of a collision van drivers should follow this procedure:

– Safety – Ensure the safety of all parties

– Address, full name, mobile and home telephone numbers of other driver(s)

– Licence plate – Write down the license plate of the other vehicle(s) involved

– Vehicle insurance – Take down full name, address and telephone number of other driver(s)’ insurance company along with their policy number (refusal to give this information is an offence)

– Any witnesses? Take down their details

– Get evidence – Use your camera phone to take photos

– Ensure you notify the police and your own insurance company

Phil Moss, Commercial Vehicle Manager at Swinton van insurance said: “Sub-zero temperatures across the UK are resulting in icy driving conditions which always increase the risk of an accident. Vehicle collisions can be very traumatic and the stress of the situation means people fail to take down the required information. It’s important that you take down all the details of the other driver, especially both their mobile and home telephone numbers as well as their insurance company details.

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