Time to Shop! Car Insurance Rates Remain at Record Lows ; Insurance.com RateWatch reports average rates rose slightly in April to $1,812 annually

By Larry Waldrup; Claremore

On April 20 the Tulsa World reported that Ryan Leonard, candidate for attorney general, said, “The health care bill in my opinion is unconstitutional. Never before in the history of this country has the Congress or federal government mandated that every American buy a good or service.” Scott Pruitt, another GOP attorney general candidate, agreed.

Maybe I am wrong, but I believe we are forced to buy auto insurance. So either these two Republican candidates are the normal Republican liars who we do not need in office or they are just plain stupid and do not know the laws and do not deserve the opportunity to represent our state.

Editor’s note: State law requires vehicles to have liability insurance. It is not a federal mandate.

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