Tiger.co.uk Offers Students Advice on How to Get Cheap Car Insurance

Insurance companies have been surprised recently by the increasing number of student drivers. Although the insurance premium for under-25s is notoriously high, it doesn’t seem to be deterring those lucky enough to be able to afford a car at University. Around one third of 17-24 year olds held a car insurance policy at the end of 2009.

There are, however, some ways of cutting costs for young drivers’ Car Insurance; most of which include reducing the risk associated with age group.

A spokesperson for Tiger Insurance, who specialise in finding Cheap Car Insurance for young drivers, commented: ‘There are a number of ways in which under-25s can minimise the cost of car insurance. Price comparison is the most effective way of ensuring you have the cheapest deal on your car insurance, but factoring in parking off road, and choosing a sensible car – not a modified or high performance model which are costly to insure at any age – can also bring down the price. Pass Plus, the training course introduced by the Driving Standards Agency with the help of insurers can also entitle you to a discount on your insurance, dependant on the company you choose – quite a few insurers offering discounts can be found on the Tiger.co.uk site. There are some good deals out there as long as students are equally willing to make themselves appealing to insurers’.

Simple things such as driving a smaller, unmodified car, and being a low use driver are very effective methods of bringing the cost down. Lower performance cars or just keeping mileage low by using the car less are seen as decreasing the risk associated with insuring young drivers in the insurance company’s eyes.

One thing experts advise against, however, is what is known as ‘fronting’, where parents name their child as the second driver on the policy when they are actually the main driver. Four in ten parents are guilty of it and although most consider it to be perfectly innocent, it is actually illegal and can jeopardise the validity of policy.

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