Tiger.co.uk Launch "Pay as You Drive" Insurance

Tiger.co.uk, the UK-based insurance comparison site, is now working with a new partner, insurethebox; an innovation in car insurance which uses telematics technology to help calculate annual premiums.

Insurethebox fits a data gathering device known as a ‘Clear Box’ to drivers’ cars enabling them to offer “Pay as you drive” insurance. The Clear Box device is about the same size as a mobile phone.

Insurethebox is unique in the way it incentivises good driving. Because it can record where and how you have driven, it awards up to 100 free insurance miles to customers who have shown themselves to be careful behind the wheel.

The addition of insurethebox to the Tiger.co.uk insurer panel means that it is the only UK car insurance comparison site offering quotes from two leading telematics insurers. (Tiger currently provides telematic quotes from Coverbox Insurance).

“Pay as you drive” insurance is potentially attractive to UK drivers who want their car insurance premiums based more on their driving behaviour rather than just on a series of insurers’ assumptions. It is likely to be particularly cost-effective for drivers with lower annual mileage needs.

Another group who may benefit from telematics-based motor insurance are younger drivers. Traditional car insurance assessment methods are based on a number of factors which tend to generalise the anticipated driving habits of younger drivers, frequently pushing insurance costs up. The insurethebox system can reduce insurance premiums by allowing the insurer to make assessments based on driving behavior such as the number of journeys taken, types of road used and average speeds. In light of the latest figures from the AA claiming a staggering 47% increase in premiums for males aged 17-22 this year alone, telematics products are set to be popular amongst younger drivers looking to save money.

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SOURCE: Tiger Insurance