Thieves Now Targeting Auto Insurance Customers With Telephone Scam, Independent Insurance Information Resource, Reports the Ohio Department of Insurance Has Alerted Residents of the State to a New Auto Insurance Scam

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[email protected], independent insurance information resource, reports the Ohio department of insurance has alerted residents of the state to a new auto insurance scam. The scammers contact auto insurance customers via telephone and inform them that there is an issue regarding their auto insurance premium payment. The thieves urge the target victim to provide bank account information in order to get the payment processed immediately so that the customer does not lose their auto insurance coverage.

“This is a particularly clever scam because no one ever hears about identity theft involving auto insurance. Plus the thought of having a lapse in car insurance coverage may be enough to distract even the most vigilant consumer,” states’s CEO Eric Oster. Ohio is the only state currently reporting the auto insurance scam, but it will likely spread to other areas. Having an insurance agent is one way to guard against auto insurance identity theft scams. “ is interested in helping consumers not just save money, but protect themselves from these kinds of schemes,” states Oster. If you do not have an auto insurance agent, be wary of giving anyone personal financial information over the phone. “Hang up, and call your auto insurance company yourself,” Oster advises.


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