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By Ryan Johnson, Grand Forks Herald, N.D.

Mar. 23–North Dakota came in dead last on a recent state rankings list, but the results won’t be bothering any residents.

The state had the nation’s lowest auto insurance cost according to a December report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. On average, North Dakota drivers paid about $511.79 in premiums in 2007, the most recent data available, compared to the national average of $794.98.

North Dakota drivers don’t even pay half of the bill less fortunate New Jersey motorists face each year, $1,103.53 on average, bad enough to rank as the second most expensive auto insurance price in the country.

Not to be outdone, Washington, D.C., topped the list, with drivers shelling out an average of $1,139.82.

Iowa had the second-lowest cost, with drivers paying an average of $517.62, followed by South Dakota at $533.65.

Other neighboring states ranked somewhere in the middle of the list: Montana had the 19th-cheapest average insurance cost at $666.08, and Minnesota came in 24th at $720.69.

Those figures assume all insured vehicles carry liability coverage but not necessarily collision or comprehensive coverage. In other words, those estimates are for what drivers in each state spent on average for auto insurance.

But North Dakota does well even in the “state combined average premium” category, which adds the average premiums and gets an average cost of a policy that includes all three coverage types.

In that tally, North Dakota had the third-lowest average premium in the country, with drivers paying $657.63 in 2007. Iowa drivers had the cheapest average premiums at $620.08, followed by Wisconsin with an average of $642.47.

South Dakota drivers had the fourth-lowest average premium, paying $668.98 in 2007, and Minnesota was 19th-lowest with $803.14.

Washington, D.C., motorists again faced the steepest premium payments in this category, paying an average of $1,288.52.

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