Take the TAST Test to Save Money on Auto Insurance

To get the best auto insurance policy with the lowest rates, pay attention to measures that may save you money on auto insurance coverage, say experts at www.AutoInsurancePlanners.com.

The four-part TAST Test shows how your record compares in the areas of Tickets, Accidents, Safety and Theft.

1. Tickets. Traffic tickets for speeding, failure-to-yield, unsafe lane change or aggressive driving can jack up your car insurance rates. Avoid them by driving defensively, and if you do get a ticket, keep track of the date and re-quote your auto insurance policy when the tickets are removed from your record.

Cell phones are an emerging source of traffic tickets and accidents. Know your state laws and avoid unnecessary cell phone use, especially for young drivers.

2. Accidents. Most people know that an auto accident may affect their auto insurance rates, but how you respond after an accident can make things better or worse. Most insurance companies advise you never to admit fault, because you don’t want to take the blame or get cited for another driver’s mistake.

Auto accidents and citations remain on your driving record for a specific amount of time, too. At the end of that time, you may be eligible for lower rates. Keep track of your record, and get new quotes when the infractions get removed.

Vehicle recalls also can have an effect on your rates. Some recalls fix safety items that can result in an accident. Follow through and have your car fixed if you get a notice about a recall.

If you buy a used car that has been in an accident, it may pose a safety hazard, and if it’s damaged again, your insurer may not pay to repair the old damage. Have the car inspected prior to purchase, and find out if it has “salvaged” or “rebuilt” status by checking its title history.

3. Safety. Some insurers offer auto insurance policy discounts if the car has air bags or ABS braking systems. Insurers set rates based in part on a vehicle’s “crashworthiness,” so it’s important to compare this measure among cars you’re considering. The rating covers both occupant protection and repair costs.

4. Theft. Anti-theft devices, such as LoJack or theft alarms, may result in discounts, too. Call your insurance agent to see what qualifies.

Although many of these considerations can help when buying auto insurance, the key to getting the best rates is to comparison shop at sites like www.AutoInsurancePlanners.com. Then, safe driving with no accidents or tickets will keep your rates as low as possible.

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