Swinton Warns Drivers to Be Aware of Dangers of Dimly Lit Streets

Swinton, the UK’s leading high street retailer of car insurance is issuing a warning to all drivers to make sure they are taking extra care with their car lights, following recent reports that 43% of local councils are planning to reduce the number of street lights in their towns to assist with cost cutting.

The leading car insurance provider is issuing a warning to motorists not to become complacent behind the wheel in the dark. A new study of 1,200 Swinton customers has revealed that a shocking 76% of customers admit that even though the clocks have turned back and the nights are darker, they don’t think to drive more slowly on their evening commute.

In addition, 56% admit that they are unsure whether to have their lights on full in the winter, and almost half (48%) said that they rely heavily on street lighting when driving.

With the weather set to take a serious nose dive over the next week, it’s crucial that drivers are aware of the lack of visibility on the roads these conditions can bring.

Steve Chelton, Insurance Development Manager, says; “Councils plans to cut the number of street lights is actually very worrying for drivers, especially in winter. Because it now gets dark so early, it is more crucial than ever that drivers are using their car lights correctly and are more diligent when it comes to following the rules of the roads and keeping to speed limits.

“It’s also worth remembering that dark nights make pedestrian visibility much less, and people tend to dress in darker colours in winters, so it’s even more important that drivers keep their eyes focused. This will reduce the risk of car accidents and help keep premiums low.”

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SOURCE: Swinton