Swinton Warn Motorists to Take Care in Traffic Chaos

For motorists, the end of the summer holidays signals the start of the rush hour – with parents recommencing school runs and commuters back from their holidays, traffic jams resume and the roads can suddenly become more dangerous, says new research from Swinton.

Swinton car insurance surveyed 1200 customers online and discovered that 36% of respondents had experienced an accident whilst stuck in traffic. Of those 36% that have had traffic-accidents, 60% revealed it was due to boredom and a lack of concentration, and a staggering 22% blamed road rage for the accident.

This news story from Swinton is in response to the strikes on the London Underground and the travel disruptions that have subsequently been caused. With the increase in traffic flow going into London and more pedestrians around during times of transport trouble, it is crucial commuters remain vigilant on the roads.

Steve Chelton, insurance manager for Swinton Insurance said, “In bad traffic motorists can become complacent, which is when accidents are most likely to occur. It is essential drivers concentrate on the road, and pay full attention to their driving, as even a minor accident can affect an insurance premium.”

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SOURCE: Swinton