Swinton Urges Drivers to Consider Car Insurance as Scrappage Scheme Ends

With motorists planning to take full advantage of the final phase of the car scrappage scheme, Swinton Insurance is urging them to think about car insurance before trading in their old vehicles.

According to official figures, a total of 1,994,999 new cars were registered in 2009, following 15 successive months of falling registrations before the scrappage scheme was implemented.

With motorists scrambling to buy a new vehicle before funding for the scrappage scheme runs out, Swinton, the UK’s leading high street insurance retailer, is urging people to think about car insurance before making a purchase. The leading car insurance firm is advising motorists to check that their policy covers them for everything they need and also warning them to beware of any premium increases which may come with a newer car model.

The scheme, under which buyers receive a Pounds Sterling 2,000 discount when they trade in an older car for a new model, was due to run out on February 28, but has been extended to the end of March.

Steve Chelton, Insurer development manager at Swinton said: “The UK motor industry plays an important role in the UK economy. The car scrappage scheme has had a very positive effect on car sales since it was introduced in May last year and as a result has reduced the impact of the economic downturn. It has acted as a great incentive to encourage people to trade in older cars.

“Motorists who are considering buying a new car are looking to place their orders as soon as possible to avoid disappointment but we urge them not to rush into the decision as the saving that could be made may be outweighed by the additional costs of car insurance.

“Many people only had Third Party cover on their old vehicles but they may need to consider a more comprehensive cover on a new vehicle as the cost of repairing any damage would be much higher.”

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SOURCE: Swinton