Swinton Urge Drivers to Check Their Tyres in Support of Tyre Safety Month

This October, Swinton car insurance is highlighting the importance and simplicity of checking your tyres, in conjunction with Tyre Safety Month.

The advice comes as a result of a survey of 1200 Swinton car insurance customers, that revealed 44% of motorists don’t know the vital signs of a worn tyre and a surprising 67% don’t know the simple checks to ensure their tyres are road safe.

Tyre Safety Month has come just at the right time, as motorists face un-predictable weather conditions and battle with torrential rain. Swinton car insurance is therefore doing its bit, and is making sure drivers are aware of how to check their tyres with the 20p test.

To check their tyres, motorists need to ensure they:

— Check tyre tread depth at least once a month, at the same time as tyre pressure. — If you do not have a calibrated tread depth gauge, use a 20p coin. — Insert the 20p coin into the main tyre grooves at several places around the circumference of the tyre and across its width. — If the outer band of the 20p coin is visible, the tread depth may be illegal, so you should have it checked by a qualified tyre specialist. — When testing tread depth, check the rest of each tyre for any cuts or bulges and remove any stones or objects embedded in the tread.

Steve Chelton, Insurance manager at Swinton said, “Sufficient tread depth is vital to vehicle safety. In wet weather, the tread pattern helps to remove water from the tyre’s contact patch with the road surface. Without a tread pattern, the tyre would struggle to grip the road and the vehicle may lose control, which could cause an accident.”

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SOURCE: Swinton