Swinton Commercial Warns Van Drivers About 'Crash For Cash' Hotspots

Swinton Commercial is warning van drivers and fleet managers to be aware of ‘crash for cash’ scams after the Insurance Fraud Bureau identified the top 20 hotspots for these incidents.

The van insurance retailer surveyed 1,200 online customers and found that 11% believed they might have been a victim of a ‘crash for cash’ scam.

The scam involves gangs of criminals deliberately setting up road accidents, by slamming on their brakes, causing the driver behind to run into the back of them. An insurance claim is put forward for damage to the vehicle and inflated claims of personal injury.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau has identified the top 10 hotspots in the country for this type of scam.

1. Birmingham 2. Liverpool 3. Blackburn 4. Manchester 5. Leeds 6. London East 7. Oldham 8. Bradford 9. London North 10. Bolton

Phil Moss, Commercial Vehicle Manager at Swinton said, “This type of scam is not only very dangerous, but costs the insurance industry millions each year. It also drives up insurance premiums for everyone else, and there is evidence that the gangs use the money from this kind of fraud to fund other types of criminal activity.”

Swinton is offering the following advice on identifying a crash for cash scam — The accident will usually occur at a roundabout or a busy junction — The car in front may break suddenly for no apparent reason — The brake lights may have been tampered with so the driver behind cannot stop on time — There may be highly inflated claims for damage and personal injury — There may be false witness statements About Swinton: — Swinton Commercial is the dedicated commercial insurance division of the Swinton Group — Swinton Commercial was awarded Commercial Lines Broker of the Year 2008 and is a finalist at the British Insurer Awards 2009 — With 580 branches nationwide Swinton is the UK’s largest high street insurance retailer — Unlike many other companies in the financial services industry, Swinton is committed to keeping its branches open for business, and part of the community — Swinton provides a one-stop-shop for the insurance and related needs of its clients, offering home, car, caravan, business, holiday, motorbike and even classic car insurance — With a dedicated team of advisors on hand at every branch to search a panel of insurers to offer quality cover at competitive rates

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SOURCE: Swinton Van