Swinton Bikes Backs Police Hi-Vis Campaign

Swinton Bikes, the specialist motorbike insurance division of the UK’s leading high street insurance retailer, is backing the campaign by Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire police to improve road safety for motorcyclists.

The forces are handing out free high-visibility rider kits to motorcyclists, including a hi-vis vest and a rucksack, in a bid to reduce the number of collisions involving bikers.

The latest figures from the Department for Transport showed that all types of motorcycle casualties, including fatal and serious accidents, fell by 4% between 2008 and 2009. Despite this fact, motorcyclists are still considered ‘high-risk’ road users.

Anthony Aronin, Head of Swinton Bikes, said: “While bikers represent only 1% of vehicle usage on our roads, 21% are killed or seriously injured. Although the latest figures show that motorcycle casualties have decreased in the last year, bikers still represent a high proportion of road deaths or injuries.

“Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to accidents as they are often unseen by other road users. Hi-vis kits will help to reduce accident and casualties and also help to lower motorbike insurance claims.

“This scheme could also have further implications on bike insurance, including discounted premiums for riders who wear hi-vis gear or a reduction in motorcycle insurance payouts for riders who decline to take up the new safety measures.”

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