Size Matters - But Not Necessarily When It Comes to Car Crashes! New Data Reveal Surprising Facts About How Likely Philadelphia Drivers Are to Get Into Accidents

Progressive Huntingdon Valley Service Center ReleasesLocal Accident Data; Offers Drivers a Way to Avoid Hassleand Save Time Getting Cars Fixed After Crashes

If you thought you’d be more likely to crash your car if you lived in New York City as opposed to Philadelphia, who could blame you? After all, generally speaking, the more populated an area, the greater the likelihood of being involved in an accident. But that’s not always the case, according to data released today by the Progressive Huntingdon Valley Service Center. The Service Center, which offers drivers an optional, time-saving service that manages the entire claims/repair process following a crash, can be used by Progressive Direct(R) and Drive(R) Insurance from Progressive customers and anyone involved in a claim with a customer. As the fifth largest auto insurance group in Pennsylvania, Progressive insures one out of every 12 drivers in the state.

Even though Greater Philadelphia is a third the size of the New York City area, Progressive’s Philly drivers are 3 percent more likely to crash their cars than its drivers in the Big Apple.

There are also some other counterintuitive crash findings within Pennsylvania. For example, Philadelphia is the country’s fourth largest metropolitan area and Pittsburgh is the 20th, yet Progressive’s Philly drivers are actually 2 percent less likely to crash than drivers in the Steel City. And Reading is just a fraction of the size of Philly, yet drivers there are slightly more likely to crash than Philly drivers.

When compared with the country’s next biggest and smallest metropolitan areas, Philadelphia proves to be the highest-risk in terms of accidents. Chicago is the country’s third largest metropolitan area and is significantly more populated than Philly, yet Progressive’s Philly drivers are 15 percent more likely to crash than its Chicago drivers. And the nation’s fifth biggest metro area, Dallas-Fort Worth, is similar in population to Philly, yet Philly drivers are 25 percent more likely to crash than those in Dallas.

“The data prove the saying ‘accidents will happen’ applies to the Philadelphia area in a big way,” said Mike Bilardo, Huntingdon Valley Service Center manager. “But when you use our Service Center, at least the process of getting your car repaired doesn’t have to take over your life. We make it easy – you just drop off your damaged car and can be on your way in a rental car in about 15 minutes. We handle the entire claims/repair process so you can spend your time the way you want to.”

Bilardo said without a Service Center, drivers involved in crashes report spending four or more days managing the process of getting their vehicles repaired, including arranging for alternate transportation, getting repair estimates, finding a shop, getting updates, inspecting the repairs, etc. Based on the number of accidents in Greater Philadelphia – about 1,800 a week – this means drivers involved in accidents in Philly in just one day collectively lose nearly 12,000 hours of time – that’s more than four years – managing the claims/repair process.

But if you choose to use the Progressive Huntingdon Valley Service Center, you can dramatically reduce the time you spend getting your car fixed after an accident. After you drop off your car, a Progressive claims representative prepares a repair estimate and contacts an auto body shop based on its track record of providing superior service and doing quality repairs, as well as its ability to begin and complete work promptly. Both Progressive and the shop reach agreement on the cost of the repairs; the shop then takes the vehicle from the Service Center to its facility and completes the repairs. When the work is finished, the vehicle is returned to the Service Center where representatives from both Progressive and the body shop inspect the quality of repairs. Once satisfied with the repair quality, Progressive calls you to return to the Service Center where, together with the claims representative, you inspect the repairs. Once you’re satisfied, you leave with your car and a written guarantee that both Progressive and the body shop stand behind as long as you own the vehicle.

Since opening in March 2002, the Huntingdon Valley Service Center, located at 2829 Philmont Drive, has saved drivers hundreds of thousands of hours they would have otherwise spent managing the repair process following a crash. The Service Center has overseen the claims/repair process on an estimated 24,000 vehicles.

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Mike Bilardo, Huntingdon Valley Service Center manager, is available for interview.

Editor’s note: Customer testimonials and additional crash data breakdowns are available upon request.