Secrets of the Best Auto Rates Revealed By AutoInsurancePlanners.Com

Want to be a great insurance shopper instead of just a good one? What many people don’t realize is that auto insurers do not all offer the full menu of discounts, says Asking for lesser-known discounts can make you savvy enough to even impress Donald Trump.

Basic savings start here: A standard auto policy has a $250 deductible — bump it to $500. A few years of 15 to 30 percent premium savings, and you’ll have the money to afford an accident! Hey, it might even make you a more cautious driver — which will keep your rates down in the long run.

On to five lesser-known discounts:

— Market value. What’s your car worth? Since you’ll only get “actual cash value” if your car is totaled, you need to know. One carrier suggests dropping collision coverage if your collision premium equals 10 percent of the car’s market value.

— Out of sight, out of town. Does your car spend the night in a garage? Do you live in a rural area? Some insurers offer discounts if the answer is yes.

— Study up. Does your teenager get a B average or better? Just one semester of good grades could drop the rates. Here’s an idea, use it as a study incentive!

— Keep the gold as you get old. OK, over 50 is not old, but if you’re between 50 and 65 years old, a discount might help you keep more of the gold. Ask about “mature driver” discounts.

— Close the gap. Did you just lease or finance a new car? You know, its value dropped as you drove off the lot, and heaven forbid you should hit something. Gap insurance could avert a disaster. Gap coverage will pay off the car if it’s totaled in an accident. Without it, you could be walking to work and still making car payments.

Ask the tough questions. Comparison shop at a site like to get the most choices and best car insurance rates.

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