Seat Belt Safety Saves Lives Says Swinton

Swinton Insurance is warning motorists to wear their seatbelts correctly after a study by the British Osteopathic Association (BOA) found 13% of drivers sit in their car seat incorrectly rendering their seatbelt useless.

The study found motorists often sit too far back in their seat for the seatbelt to function properly. If the driver is not sat in the correct position during a crash the occupant can slip under the belt and have no safety protection.

Swinton, the UK’s leading high street retailer of car insurance is encouraging drivers to make sure the belt is sitting over the bones of the pelvis and to be in contact with the shoulder to prevent neck injuries.

Even more alarming, it appears that some drivers do not wear seatbelts at all. This, says Swinton, is reckless because it puts the motorists’ life in jeopardy.

A study of 1,200 motorists carried out by Swinton shows 20% of drivers fail to regularly wear a seatbelt, whilst 14% of motorists sit too close to the steering wheel risking serious injury from the air bag in an accident.

Steve Chelton, Insurer Development Manager at Swinton, said “Whilst we all know we should wear a seatbelt, some people still put their lives in danger by not wearing them. It’s fair to say that many motorists are unaware of the way in which they sit in a car can affect their personal safety. It is very important for motorists to follow the safety advice we have given to make sure they are safe on the roads”.

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SOURCE: Swinton