Progressive Files Suit Against Operators of Philadelphia Chiropractic Clinic; Suit Alleges Fraud and Seeks Nearly $250,000 in Damages

Several subsidiaries of The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies (Progressive) (NYSE:PGR) today filed suit against the owners and operators of All-Care Chiropractic P.C., a Philadelphia-based medical provider that the companies allege has been carrying out schemes in Pennsylvania designed to defraud them since 2001. The suit, filed in Philadelphia federal court, alleges that All-Care owners and operators, Richard Walinsky and Eileen Means, conspired to commit fraud by, among other things, charging for medical services never performed and by administering, and billing for, unnecessary and excessive treatments. In August 2004 the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office announced that 23 people had been arrested in connection with the insurance fraud schemes, including Walinsky and Means…..

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