Ontario Drivers Fight Back - Renew NOW - Keep Your Coverage - Lower Your Rate

TORONTO, Aug. 17 /CNW/ – Keep your $100,000 Medical Coverage another year by renewing your auto insurance policy NOW . . . Before the September 1, 2010 deadline, otherwise it falls to $3,500 for all injuries the insurance industry classifies as ‘minor’, including whiplash.

Fight Back says Consumer Advocate, Lee Romanov who reports “By renewing now I’ve kept my $100,000 coverage for Medical Treatment 10 extra months.”

Call your insurance rep and have them renew your policy now.

This massive cut to our Accident Benefits has also eliminated your $72,000 of Attendant Care, Housekeeping and Care Giving Expenses, all approved by our government under the guise of saving the consumer money. The average savings; a mere 1%.

“It’s adding insult to injury implying it’s a savings for consumers, when it’s obviously a savings for the insurance industry,” Romanov reports. “I was paying $2,576 for my car insurance, I went online, found a rate for $1,634, cancelled my existing policy and had another policy issued. I’m keeping my $100,000 Medical Coverage an additional 10 months with a 36% rate decrease as opposed to the 1%. That’s a savings of $942 instead of $26.”

Visit; www.RomanovReport.com and see how to renew your policy, keep your existing coverage AND lower your rate.

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