New Orleans Auto Accident Lawyer Johnson Law Group Sees Increase in Automobile Accident Cases

New Orleans auto accident lawyer Nick Johnson of Johnson Law Group, with principal offices in Houston, Texas, says that despite the decrease in overall injury-related accidents in the US, there is no downtrend to the lawsuits being filed over automobile accident cases.

“The number of overall automobile accidents involving injuries and fatalities in the United States has been trending downward for the last few years,” says Johnson. “But we’re seeing an overall increase in the number of lawsuits being filed here in Louisiana.”

Johnson believes the reasons for this are varied, but cites the large number of uninsured and underinsured motorists on the road in Louisiana as one of the biggest factors.The Louisiana Department of Public Safety estimates that the number of uninsured motorists is at least 13% of the overall population of Louisiana, but researchers admit that the real number is difficult to obtain.

In addition, Louisiana has not increased the minimum liability for auto insurance in Louisiana since 1983 and the cost of replacing automobiles has significantly increased.

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SOURCE: Johnson Law Group