New Jersey Drivers Urged to be Careful as Schools Re-Open

More than 100,000 MyRate customers countrywide get personalized car insurance rates by sharing how, how much, and when they drive with Progressive. Now, with Snapshot Discount SM — the new version of MyRate?’?® — Connecticut drivers can save up to 30 percent more on their insurance after just 30 days of driving. In addition, customers only need to share six months of driving data.

How it Works

After a driver signs up for Snapshot Discount, we send them a device the size of a garage door opener that plugs into the on-board diagnostic (OBD) port of their car. The device records and sends the driving data to us.

After 30 days, the customer finds out if they’re eligible for a discount — up to 30 percent — based on his or her driving habits and will see that discount applied to their policy. People who drive less, in safer ways and during safer times of day are more likely to get a discount.

At the end of the six-month policy term we determine the renewal discount and the customer returns the device to us.

We may periodically check in with each customer to get an updated picture of his or her driving by asking them to plug in the device again.

Other Facts

Snapshot SM is available to Connecticut drivers who buy policies directly from Progressive.

Customers can log in to their policy on during the six-month period the device is plugged in to see how their driving habits affect their rate, and, if they choose, make changes that could lead to greater savings. Customers will also see whether they are on track for a discount after 30 days.

Snapshot is voluntary and customers can opt out at any time. It won’t make customers’ rates go up.

The Snapshot device measures how, how much and when customers drive their vehicle. It doesn’t have GPS, so it doesn’t track a vehicle’s location.


Richard Hutchinson, Progressive’s general manager of usage-based insurance “Our new Snapshot Discount is easier to understand and more attractive to drivers. We know from our research that this version will be more appealing because drivers can save money after just 30 days instead of six months. Plus, customers only have to give us a snapshot of their driving for one policy period, then they don’t have to worry about the device anymore.”


About Progressive

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Founded in 1937, Progressive continues its long history of offering shopping tools and services that save customers time and money, like Name Your Price, the Snapshot Discount, and a concierge level of claims service.

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