New Breed of Car Insurance for Women Could Bring Cheaper Premiums for Safe Low-Mileage Drivers

Women looking to save money on their car insurance now have a new option available to them from CoverGirl Car Insurance Services, which is offering female drivers the chance to use the latest technology to bring down the price of their motor cover.

“Drive Safe and Save” says CoverGirl, and by visiting the website female drivers can obtain an insurance policy which actually rewards safe driving. CoverGirl policyholders’ vehicles are fitted with a clever little in-car telematics device, known as a Clear Box, which enables a technical team to monitor the policyholder’s driving style, speeds and miles driven. In return for safe driving, the company awards driving bonuses and rewards.

As a specialist women’s car insurance provider, CoverGirl’s new policies are tailored for women of all ages and it’s hoped they will be attractive to female motorists who already know they drive safely and perhaps do fewer miles than their male counterparts, whilst also being an eye-catching option for women who just want cheaper car insurance. Charlotte Halkett from CoverGirl says, “Typically our policies will be cheaper in 20% of cases.”

She added, “Previously, pay-as-you-drive car insurance schemes have just bluntly tried to keep their policyholders off the roads during night-time hours – usually between 11pm and 5am. Typically, the car insurance holder pays an extra charge for driving late at night or early in the morning.”

CoverGirl’s policies are calculated on a pay-HOW-you-drive basis so there are none of these direct penalties for night driving. In fact, if the Clear Box collects data which shows the policyholder is driving positively, such as driving smoothly or choosing to drive in daylight hours, then she is not only likely to reap the rewards when she comes to renew her car insurance, but she will be given bonuses during the life of her initial policy.

At the outset the car owner buys 6,000 Base Miles of cover – the Clear Box is installed within 14 days though the vehicle is covered as soon as the policy commences. Once the device is activated it collects information about each car journey and relays the information back to a technical centre where the data is analysed. Driving statistics are then posted on an online portal, to which the policyholder has exclusive access.

The website portal also offers advice and tips on how the policyholder can improve her driving behaviour, whilst also being the place to receive car insurance incentives such as Bonus Miles, Reward Miles and to top up existing Base Miles should the driver need to travel further during the first 12 months. The portal is also home to the Shopping Box facility which allows CoverGirl’s customers to shop online with around 35 well-known retailers and, in doing so, earn Reward Miles which are also added to the driver’s annual mileage allowance.

This incentivising of safe drivers is the major difference between CoverGirl’s policies and other women-only brands. This could make it a popular choice because positive driving behaviour will earn the policyholder up to 100 Bonus Miles per month.

CoverGirl also says that the Clear Box offers women drivers two extra important features for their own personal safety and peace of mind. The box acts as a theft tracking device should the car be stolen, and if the vehicle is involved in an accident, the technical team is alerted and will endeavour to make immediate contact with the policyholder. If necessary, the emergency services may be called.

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SOURCE: CoverGirl Car Insurance