National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa. Launches IDL MAX Independent Director Liability Insurance Program; 'Side A' Excess and DIC Coverage Provides Broad Protection for Directors in Non-Indemnifiable Claims

National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa.(R) (National Union), a member company of American International Group, Inc. (AIG), today announced the launch of IDL MAX(SM), a comprehensive non-indemnifiable loss (“Side-A”) excess liability insurance program enhanced with Difference In Conditions (DIC) coverage for independent directors of publicly-traded corporations. “IDL MAX provides directors with the comfort of knowing that their individual assets are protected, allowing them to focus on fulfilling their fiduciary duties. And since IDL MAX is designed to provide coverage for only those independent directors scheduled on the policy, the limits cannot be diminished by corporate liabilities or by non-insured executives who may be accused of wrongful conduct.”….

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