Move Over Paris Hilton! Sixty-Six Percent of Men Prefer Their Significant Others in the Passenger Seat While Stuck in Traffic

According to AIG Auto Insurance, Managing the Stress of Traffic This Holiday Weekend is All a Matter of Who and What You Take along for the Ride

Move over Paris Hilton! According to a recent survey by AIG Auto Insurance, two-thirds (66 percent) of American men choose to be stuck in traffic with their wife/significant other this Labor Day weekend. Additionally, 44 percent of men and women surveyed prefer to have their favorite music on hand should they wind up sitting in traffic.

Together in Sickness, in Health – and in Traffic Jams

More than half of American adults (57 percent) would rather be stuck in traffic with their spouse/significant other over a best friend, their children or a celebrity. Interestingly, men are more likely than women to select their spouse as the passenger of choice (66 percent vs. 49 percent). Women, on the other hand, are more likely than men to choose a best friend (42 percent vs. 28 percent). Only four percent would want to be stuck with a celebrity, specifically: Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and George Clooney – or with their children.

Music Calms the Nerves

Forty-four percent of men and women surveyed want their favorite music on hand when sitting in traffic. The second choice for both men and women is a cell phone (29 percent), while one in five women prefer reading material.

Is Driving in Circles Making You Crazy?

When asked why men are reluctant to seek directions, answers differed by gender. Most women believe that men are too stubborn to admit that they are lost (43 percent vs. 30 percent); whereas 40 percent of men feel they can find their way without help (vs. 23 percent of women).

Watch it Buddy!

According to the survey, the most significant holiday travel stress factor is cars weaving in and out of lanes (44 percent). Twenty-three percent feel that having their holiday plans delayed due to traffic is the main stressor and just 10 percent consider “back seat driving” or constant “are we there yet?” as having the most impact on their stress levels.

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Survey Methodology

AIG Auto Insurance commissioned Russell Research of New York to conduct an online survey during the weekend of August 5, 2005 with 1,118 American adults, 18 years and older.

The sample was weighted to provide a national representative and projectable estimate of the adult population. Sampling error for a survey of this size is +/- three percent at the 95 percent level of confidence.

Editor’s Note: Please find survey charts attached.