Insurance.Com Sells 300,000 Auto Insurance Policies Since Inception

CLEVELAND, April 17 /PRNewswire/ — Ohio-based insurance agency announced an important milestone in the history of their company.

“This quarter marks the sale of our 300,000th policy since we launched our first online auto insurance comparison shopping platform in June 2001,” announced Dave Roush, CEO of

“The Internet has become the first place many consumers visit to research and buy products, including all types of financial products. Our web site leverages the power of the internet by bringing together the nation’s leading auto insurance companies in a single marketplace where consumers can compare multiple rates, and buy that policy immediately, either online or on the phone from a licensed agent. No other website offers that kind of convenience or level of service.”

Roush described the advantages of comparison shopping online for auto insurance, especially at this time of year; “Not only do consumers get to fine-tune the deductibles and coverage they want, they will also get to compare auto insurance rates, side-by-side. During tax season, we’re all very conscious of our expenditures throughout the year, and this is a chance to re-evaluate whether or not you might be spending more than you need to on a critical expense such as insurance.” Roush added, “It’s a clear indication of how consumers are turning to to compare auto insurance rates, as we experienced a record sales month in March, beating the last record set only two months earlier.”

In the past five years, the company has grown from a handful of employees to a bustling office of over 200 people. The sales center has experienced most of this growth in order to support increased call volume and expanded sales center hours, now open 8AM to 1AM seven days a week.

“We’ve experienced considerable growth in the last five years, and we expect to grow even more in the next five, with even more features and offerings,” commented Roush. “While is the largest on-line auto insurance agency in the country, we are not a household name. We hope to change this over the next five years.”

About, based in Solon, Ohio, is owned and operated by ComparisonMarket, Inc. The website enables consumers to instantly compare and buy competitive auto insurance quotes directly from any of more than a dozen leading insurance carriers. When ready to purchase, users have the option of completing the transaction online or talking directly to an unbiased licensed agent. Other products include life, health and home insurance as well as travel, dental and pet health insurance.

In addition to, ComparisonMarket provides private labeled solutions to financial institutions, affinity groups and online marketplaces to offer their customers real choice and savings opportunities on auto insurance.

CONTACT: Dave Roush CEO, 440-498-0971 [email protected]

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CONTACT: Dave Roush, CEO of, +1-440-498-0971, [email protected]

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