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SQLiaison keeps demonstrating its Canadian leadership in Insurance Business Intelligence by helping Saskatchewan Government Insurance getting the most out of its data

MONTREAL, May 12 /CNW Telbec/ – SQLiaison, the Canadian leader in Insurance Business Intelligence (BI), will be implementing a complete Insurance BI program with Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), Saskatchewan’s self-sustaining auto insurance fund and fully competitive property and casualty insurance supplier. Besides using the FellowDSS(TM) suite of analytic applications for the insurance industry, SGI also partners with SQLiaison for its BI expertise in implementing and supporting large scale Insurance BI Programs.

The FellowDSS(TM) solution is designed to adapt insurance industry BI concepts to the specific needs of clients such as SGI. In addition, users can compile relevant data and organize it in the form of reports or analytic applications. Such tools are essential for insurance decision makers and are used to drive competitive advantage.

“SGI and SGI CANADA have been successful for many years, and we want to build on that success and position ourselves as an innovative, customer-focused company,” says Don Thompson, Chief Financial Officer, SGI. “Collecting and analyzing information is critical to an insurance company’s success. More effectively using this data in making business decisions will increase customer service and profitability. The innovative solutions offered by SQLiaison will play an integral role in this process, as well as contribute to our overall efficiency and productivity efforts to ensure we meet the growing needs of our customers.”

SQLiaison’s solutions allow companies to make tactical and strategic decisions using the large amount of data they gather on a regular basis. Insurance professionals need easy and timely access to accurate, complete and integrated information. “The complex environment insurers evolve in requires complete, credible and usable information in order to make strategic decisions,” said Philippe Torres, President of SQLiaison. “Business Intelligence is a key solution because it enables access to information in any format, no matter where that information comes from.”

“The FellowDSS(TM) suite is designed to be a customizable solution. SGI’s version will be entirely built to meet their requirements and needs,” said Mr. Torres. “We further continue our market penetration within Canada and we are proud that SGI, one of the country’s biggest property and casualty insurers, trusts our solutions and services. No one has our experience and expertise in insurance BI.”

About Saskatchewan Government Insurance

SGI CANADA is a dynamic and innovative company selling property and casualty insurance in seven provinces. It operates as SGI CANADA in Saskatchewan; SGI CANADA Insurance Services Limited in Alberta and Manitoba; Coachman Insurance Company in Ontario; and the Insurance Company of Prince Edward Island in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Visit SGI CANADA at Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) is the province’s self-sustaining auto insurance fund.

About FellowDSS(TM)

FellowDSS(TM) is an enterprise-scale suite of analytic applications for the insurance industry. It is built around an integrated data warehouse that stores transactional data from a company’s operational support systems. FellowDSS(TM) consolidates and integrates data from across the various systems of a company, and makes it easily available to users for consumption through report objects either pre-defined or in an ad-hoc mode.

About SQLiaison

SQLiaison is the Canadian leader in Insurance Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Expert at quickly leveraging data, SQLiaison seamlessly and powerfully creates business advantage for its clients. In Canada, $4.88 billion Property & Casualty Direct Written Premiums are analysed through solutions designed and implemented by SQLiaison’s experienced team. Its clients add up to an impressive roster of Canadian insurance companies, prominent banks, pharmaceutical companies and other large Canadian corporations. SQLiaison has offices in Toronto, Montreal and New York. Visit for more information.

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