Infinity Partners With PHH Arval and Environmental Defense to Go 'Climate Neutral'

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Feb. 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation , a leading nonstandard personal auto insurer, today announced that it has joined the fight against transportation- related global warming. Infinity is the latest participant in the innovative PHH GreenFleet program that was developed jointly by PHH Arval and Environmental Defense in an effort to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and cut greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle fleets.

This year, Infinity replaced the approximately 400 sport utility vehicles in its fleet with more fuel efficient Jeep Compasses. By making this change, Infinity expects to reduce annual fleet operating costs by approximately 10%, improve fuel economy by 25%, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 16%. More than half of these vehicles will be located in California, Infinity’s largest market and home to Governor Schwarzenegger’s statewide initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Infinity’s participation in PHH GreenFleet is only one part of our company’s overall greening initiative,” said Jim Gober, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “As a leading auto insurance company, we are committed to providing the highest quality service while limiting our impact on the planet. Working with PHH and Environmental Defense has helped us meet this goal.”

Over the past few months, Infinity enrolled in the PHH GreenFleet program, developed a greenhouse gas baseline, and replaced its entire fleet with more fuel efficient vehicles. In addition, Infinity purchased greenhouse gas offsets for the remaining emissions and made its entire fleet “climate neutral” before the new vehicles hit the road in 2007. The offsets were purchased from a project in Chino, CA that reduces methane emissions from local dairy farms.

“The PHH GreenFleet program is generating a tremendous amount of interest from our corporate clients who are concerned about their environmental impact,” said George Kilroy, President and Chief Executive Officer of PHH Arval. “Infinity’s commitment to the program has surpassed expectations – by going entirely ‘climate neutral,’ Infinity has made a statement about who they are and what they care about. At PHH, our goal is to encourage all vehicle fleets — not just our own clients — to consider taking measures to reduce emissions.”

The PHH GreenFleet program is designed to help companies cost-effectively measure, reduce, and offset their greenhouse gas emissions. Participation includes: in-depth analysis and recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions; quarterly measurement and reporting of emissions; and resources to offset remaining emissions.

“The trend towards ‘green fleets’ is a joint victory for the environment and for corporate America,” said Environmental Defense Project Manager Tom Murray. “Corporate fleets operate over nine million cars and light trucks in the United States — consuming a great deal of fossil fuels and generating significant global warming pollution. Smart companies eager to curb global warming while improving the bottom line now have a model they can implement to help them achieve these goals,”

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(2) Automotive Fleet Fact Book, Copyright 2006

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