Home for the Holiday! Sixty-One Percent of Americans Will Stay Home This Thanksgiving, According to an AIG Auto Insurance Survey; Regardless of Americans' Travel Plans, Spending Time With Friends and Family is Key This Thanksgiving

According to a recent survey by AIG Auto Insurance, nearly two-thirds (sixty-one percent) of Americans will not be traveling this Thanksgiving holiday despite it being one of the most well-traveled holidays. However, 31 percent of Americans plan to drive to their Thanksgiving destination.

Regardless of Americans’ travel plans, spending time with friends and family is key this Thanksgiving.

“On the holiday known to be the heaviest traffic day in America, we were surprised to find that a majority of Americans will spend Thanksgiving at home,” said Elise Martin of AIG Auto Insurance. “However, we learned some surprising tidbits about Americans’ Thanksgiving preferences – from the preferred person cooking the meal to which TV family they most resemble during the holiday.”

The Early Bird Gets the Turkey

The majority of Americans, 59 percent, consider staying home the best strategy for avoiding Thanksgiving traffic. Among those who are traveling, there is a three-way split as to what is the best strategy: leaving the day before, leaving early that holiday morning or taking back roads.

Those hitting the road this Thanksgiving already anticipate “Are we there yet” to be the most uttered phrase on their way to dinner (57 percent), followed by “Slow down!” (21 percent), “Do you know where you are going?” (11 percent), “Could you drive faster!” (7 percent), and “You missed the turn!” (4 percent).

What’s Cooking?

The majority of Americans, 57 percent, prefer that mom cooks the meal rather than a celebrity chef. However, those who appreciated a gourmet twist are most likely to choose Emeril Lagasse (20 percent), followed by Martha Stewart (11 percent), Rachael Ray (9 percent) and Mario Batali (3 percent).

Speaking of celebrities, the majority of Americans think their Thanksgiving dinner table most resembles that of the Cleavers (36 percent). Twenty-six percent liken their turkey table to the cast of Friends and 23 percent see the Simpsons as their spitting image. Eight percent believe their family most resembles the Sopranos and another eight percent say they are most like the Addams Family.

So Much for the Effects of Tryptophan!

Only, 10 percent of Americans take post-turkey naps, according to the survey. The majority of women, 60 percent, clean up right away while most men, 42 percent, head for the TV. Additionally, 11 percent of Americans unbutton their pants post-dinner.

For more information on the AIG Auto Insurance Thanksgiving survey or to take the survey online, please go to www.aigauto.com.

Survey Methodology

AIG Auto Insurance commissioned Russell Research of New York, NY to conduct an online survey October 28 through October 31, 2005. They interviewed 1,051 American adults, 18 years old and older.

The sample was weighted to provide a national representative and projectable estimate of the adult population. Sampling error for a survey of this size is +/- 3.1 percent at the 95 percent level of confidence.

Editor’s Note: Please find survey charts attached.

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