Get Answers About Auto Insurance Before Students Head Off To College; Auto Insurance Expert Answer Financial Offers Ways Families Can Save on Their Auto Insurance When Kids Go Off to School

While you may shed some tears as you send your teen off to freshman year of college, they may be tears of joy by the time you get your auto insurance payment notice this fall. Families may see a healthy cut in their premiums if they can remove students from the auto insurance policy while away at school.

If your dependent goes to a college more than 100 miles away from home and won’t be driving, the parents (primary insured) can take the dependent off the policy and offer potentially significant savings (ten to 50 percent depending on where you live, the type and age of the vehicle, driving history, etc.).

However, if the dependent is taking a car to college registered under the parent’s name, the student must remain on the policy and the rates will be determined by the college zip code. If your child goes to school on an urban campus, like NYU or Berkeley, look out, but somewhere in the mid-west, for example, you can expect reasonable premiums, perhaps even a savings over the family’s zip code.

Good student discounts are still applicable to the college student. If the student is full-time and maintains a “B” average or better (proof required), families can expect additional discounts of approximately 10 to 25 percent.

In an interesting twist of fate, schools only mail grades to students, but your auto insurance policy could be the way for parents to find out their student’s college grades. If your rate goes up, it might be because Johnnie’s grades went down. Keep an eye on that good student discount.

Here are more of Answer Financial’s tips for students off to college:

— Create a checklist that stays in the glove compartment forwhat to do in an accident. 1) stay calm, 2) be aware oftraffic, 3) make sure everyone is safe and out of danger, 3)contact the local police or state highway patrol, 4) get theother driver’s auto insurance carrier and policy number, 5)talk to possible witnesses.

— Buy a disposable camera that stays in your student’s car andinstruct them about the photos they should take including theaccident site, the angles of the cars in the incident, thestreets and of course the damage. Having proof will make itharder to “blame the kid.”

— If a student’s rates go up as a result of an accident, ticketor grades, insurance carriers give discounts for drivingsafety courses.

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