Fortune Interactive Announces Second Part of Its SEMLogic(TM) Research; Findings Shed a Light on How Search Engines Determine Rankings

Fortune Interactive LLC (, an interactive marketing firm specializing in search engine marketing, today announced the second part of its findings on how leading search engines are determining the rankings of web pages.

Fortune Interactive utilized its proprietary SEMLogic(TM) technology to ascertain what metrics were crucial to the web pages organically ranked on the first page of search results for the competitive key phrase “auto insurance” on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

“We are seeing several overall trends as a result of our research. Specifically, off-page optimization factors have out-weighed on-page optimization factors. In addition, in-bound link quantity was the least important metric among off-page factors,” stated Mike Marshall, Fortune Interactive vice president of technology and the creator of SEMLogic(TM) and its virtual reality visualization module, the SEMasphere(TM).

Similar to the methodology utilized by search engines, SEMLogic(TM) uses semantic analysis in examining a company’s online competition and identifying patterns and trends as well as establishing what search engine crawlers are recognizing as the strongest supporting words. The technology studies and evaluates over 100,000 data points of on- and off-page factors of more than 100 competitors in any given industry. In addition, hidden threats to a web page’s position are identified via SEMDistance(TM), a proprietary measurement.

Key SEMLogic(TM) findings that are unique for the key phrase “auto insurance” on Google, Yahoo and MSN include:

— In-bound link quality was the most important factor on Yahooand Google. However, on MSN in-bound link anchor keyworddensity was the most important factor.

— There was significant overlap in the optimal ranges for keyfactors across the search engines, which makes cross-engineoptimization more easily attainable.

— In-bound link quality was 90 times more important thanin-bound link quantity on Google. It was also roughly 13.75times more important than in-bound link relevance.

— There are eleven web pages with the potential to overtake theposition of pages currently ranked in the top ten on Google.Specifically, 50 percent of the pages in the top ten on Googleare threatened by these competitors.

“The benefits of SEMLogic(TM), integrated with sound search engine optimization strategies, are proving significant to those companies requiring dominant exposure in the major search engines. Having the ability to strategically dissect a competitive landscape in an ultra-competitive industry is invaluable to big brands and serious marketers,” stated Scott Gardner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The complete findings of the research are available at

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