Driving Instructors Stress Importance of Careful Driving as Insurance Premiums Rise

Recent figures show insurance premiums have had the biggest increase at the fastest rate the motoring organisation has seen, since it started recording premium trends back in 1994.

According to the AA British Insurance Premium Index, the average car insurance premium went up by 11.5% during the three months running up to the end of June. Meanwhile, the number of claims being made has also grown, with a report by the Association of British Insurers deeming there is a rise in fraudulent claims, but meaning that the outcome for motorists is bleak regarding their premiums.

Driving instructors have been urging people to take better care on the roads, as driving instructor insurance is also at risk and could mean some schools are forced to put the prices up for learners to accommodate their outgoings.

David, who is a driving instructor in Liverpool, has been trying to emphasise the importance of driving safely to many of his learner drivers. He says: ‘Car insurance premiums have increased massively over the last year and even I’ve noticed the difference with my driving instructor insurance. A lot of young drivers can often become distracted whilst driving. Safety is of the utmost importance, although many young drivers forget the financial implications of being involved within a road accident, no matter how small.’

A growing number of young and new drivers are also proving more likely to be distracted whilst driving and often pay the highest car insurance premiums in the UK. Recent research has found that more people are texting or browsing the internet and apps on their phone as well as driving when fatigued.

A spokesperson for DIA Insurance, who specialise in driving school insurance, commented: ‘Mobile phones have been the cause of an abundance of road accidents, however people still ignore the dangers of texting and browsing the web on their mobile while driving. Unfortunately, all driving instructors can do is give learners the right advice and warn them to be safe on the roads, but then it is up to them to be responsible drivers.’

Unfortunately, if they choose to go against this advice, it just means that like the rest of us their actions will push up the price of insurance even further.

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