CSE Insurance Group Files New SAVE Program with the California Department of Insurance

CSE Insurance Group (cseinsurance.com), a leader in providing civil service employees with quality protection at affordable rates, is excited to announce the filing of its new SAVE Program with the California Department of Insurance.

Upon approval, CSE Insurance customers will be able to take part in this new, innovative program where drivers are rewarded for driving fewer miles with lower auto insurance premiums. This optional program will be available in an annual policy term with the minimum mileage starting at 5,000 miles. At policy inception, customers will provide estimated annual mileage and will have the opportunity to increase their mileage if needed during the policy term.

“The new SAVE Program structure is quite simple,” comments Pierre Bize, President and CEO of CSE. Bize adds, “This is a true pay by the mile program where our customers pay for the miles they drive. Not only are drivers reporting their actual mileage, they are reimbursed for the difference between their estimated and actual annual mileage.”

The insured will receive a refund if the annualized mileage is below the original estimated annual mileage reported. If the actual mileage driven is greater than the original estimated yearly mileage, the insured will be billed for the difference, making this new program truly a consumer managed program.

Mr. Bize continues, “We believe the SAVE Program generates other clear benefits that fit squarely into our green initiative efforts by encouraging program participants to drive less.”

For added convenience, policyholders will be able to logon to CSE’s new Insured Portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report and/or request a change in their mileage. The program also offers multiple payment options: Pay-In-Full, Installment Plan, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

CEO Pierre Bize concludes, “At CSE we continually strive to improve the customer experience through customer service, technology and product design. The SAVE Program is a leading edge auto insurance product. It provides more accurate mileage rating. It’s what’s right for the customer.”

About CSE Insurance Group

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