'Crash for Cash' Scams Are Pushing Up the Cost of Car Insurance

The number of car insurance scams taking place throughout the UK has soared recently, costing insurance companies GBP 350m last year and adding GBP 44 to the premiums of every car owner’s car insurance.

Birmingham has taken the top spot housing the worst offenders for staging accidents, with Liverpool, Blackburn, Manchester and Leeds following closely behind. The South are catching up with the North West contingent, however, with East London taking 6th position and North London in 9th place on the list compiled by the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB).

The Bureau also estimates that a staggering 30,000 accidents were staged last year, at an average payout of GBP 17,000.

Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director for Tiger.co.uk, a car insurance comparison site providing hassle free insurance quotes, commented: ‘These figures really demonstrate how damaging these scams are to the average law-abiding car owner. By abusing the system and making false claims, they push up the cost of premiums for everyone else and cost insurance companies dearly. We would advise all motorists to compare car insurance prices to ensure they get the best deal available’.

Experts have also warned motorists to be extra careful on the roads and be wary of anybody acting suspiciously. It has been reported that the car insurance crooks usually slam their brakes on to force the driver into the back of their car. The claim then usually goes through without any questions being raised, because it seems straightforward and plausible that a car going into the back of another would be responsible.

The claims are usually made for personal injury, damage and recovery fees. Police have recommended that single mums or elderly drivers should be extra vigilant as fraudsters usually target them because they consider them less likely to give them any problems.

(i)All figures sourced from the Insurance Fraud Bureau, September 2010

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