Connective Technologies, Inc. Highlights TEAM-UP V3 Accelerated Rollouts With Leading Insurance Carriers

Connective Technologies announces TEAM-UP Download (TUDL) V3 Accelerated Rollout with State Auto Insurance Companies, Grange Insurance, as well as others, promoting ease-of-use and optimum serviceability of downloads to their agencies.

Doug Allen – VP, Director of Information Technology at State Auto explains, “Connective’s technology has been a tremendous boost to State Auto’s strategic ease of doing business initiatives. It provides much more functionality to our independent agents and with much less effort on State Auto’s part to administer this critical daily activity.”

Doug Allen further added, “Connective invited our input in helping direct and prioritize research and development for future versions of TUDL, we suggested that they continue to focus on the stability and reliability of their product. They’ve been such a great business partner and they always take accountability for the success of their technology for all the various stakeholders.”

Sherri L. Rarey, AVP of Agency Interface for Grange Insurance also commented, “Grange’s commitment to ‘Ease Of Doing Business’ (EODB(R)) has really made a difference in its relationship with its agent partners, such as TRI-CITY Insurance services. Because Connective’s strong, insurance expertise in the area of agency interface is second to none…their people, processes, and robust products align perfectly with our goal of investing in automation that promotes EODB(R).”

Sherri Rarey further mentioned, “We plan to survey our agencies in July 2006, but some of the early advantages of TUDL V3 that we’ve noted are:

— A carrier can customize e-mails that are sent to agents.

— Reports allow for the ability to review an agent’s downloadthe same day if there is a problem.

— We’re able to provide better customer service to agents whenthey call in about their download.

— Management tracking includes automated e-mail notifications.

— Agents do not have to have a Windows password in order toautomate the downloads in real-time.

— The download can be automated to run along with the nightlyprocessing so that all of their companies process together,making it “once-and-done.”

— Agents have the ability to resend an individual policy or anentire day of download and they do not have to wait untiltheir nightly processing.

— A single desktop icon is provided for all of the companiesthat an agency works with that use TEAM-UP.

Stan Ratcliff, a career agent for TRI-CITY Insurance Services agency in Kentucky stated, “I’m very impressed and pleased with the new single process, multi-company feature that Connective’s product delivers. We now have a much faster and easier internal processing of daily downloads with multiple carriers, including Grange Insurance and State Auto.”

“Partnering with our clients is a top priority and providing solutions with today’s leading technologies is a win for everyone. Their ability to rapidly rollout TEAM-UP to their agents means they are saving money immediately, while providing additional functionality to those agents,” stated Dic Marxen, Chairman of Connective. “Industry needs are our roadmap in designing and delivering software products that improve efficiencies and provide savings to our clients and their trading partners,” continued Mr. Marxen.

TEAM-UP Download V3 is an Internet-secure offering being leveraged by P&C carriers in providing accessibility to over 10,000 trading partners with more than 28 different agency management systems throughout the United States. Now in its third major release, the recent product enhancements ensure an almost seamless migration from other download processes in just a matter of minutes. The improved self-reliant features such as single-policy, real-time archival retrievals by the agents, improved group management distribution and tracking features that ease and accelerate the registration process for both agencies and carriers have been implemented with TUDL’s SOA to seamlessly fit into carriers’ existing agency portals. It also incorporates a single-process entry point at the agency for accessing multiple carriers downloads, streamlining daily downloads and making it easier and faster for agencies to process.

About State Auto:

The State Auto Insurance Companies is a regional property and casualty insurance group that writes personal and commercial lines insurance. Headquartered in Columbus, OH and operating out of ten regional and branch offices, State Auto markets its products through more than 22,700 independent agents associated with over 3,300 agencies in 26 central and eastern states, excluding New York, New Jersey and the New England states. The State Auto Insurance Companies’ pool carries an A+ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best Company. For more information about State Auto, visit their Website at

About Grange Insurance:

Grange Mutual Casualty Group, based in Columbus, Ohio, is a $1 billion insurance and financial services provider. Through its network of independent agents, Grange offers auto, home, life, business and farm insurance protection and banking services through Grange Insurance, Trustgard Insurance, Integrity Insurance and The Grange Bank. The company serves policyholders in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin. For more information, visit

About Tri-City Insurance:

Located in Florence, Kentucky, Tri-City Insurance has 14 employees and has been serving the Northern Kentucky area for over 37 years providing insurance products to consumers from companies like State Auto, and Grange Insurance, just to name a couple. Tri-City has been downloading personal lines since 1995.

About Connective Technologies, Inc.:

Connective Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of e-Commerce business solutions for the property and casualty insurance industry, specializing in Internet interface solutions for carriers and their agents. Connective has used its many years of experience with leading agency management systems and traditional batch EDI to pioneer the approach, which has helped it become the leading provider of bridging and Internet-based interface solutions in the industry. Connective provides implementation services for its flagship products, TEAM-UP Upload, Download, and Data Translation Services, as well as Site Development and Web Services. To learn more about Connective products and services, contact Dic Marxen at 817-377-0815, by email at: [email protected], or visit our website at