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FINEOS Corporation, a market leading provider of core software solutions for Insurance and Government Insurance, today announced that Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) of Canada has gone live with FINEOS Claims to manage its claims for personal injury. MPI is a crown corporation that provides basic compulsory automobile insurance coverage in the province of Manitoba, Canada. FINEOS Claims is a customer-centric, web-based universal claims software solution for P&C, Life, Disability and Government insurance. The project at MPI was designed and implemented within budget and on time and will be used by 200 people across the organization.

Commenting on the successful go live, Dan Guimond, Vice-President, Strategy & Innovation and Chief Information Officer with MPI, explained how the implementation of FINEOS Claims will have a positive impact on its customers. “Improving efficiencies in claims processing underpins MPI’s strategy to maintain and improve the highest levels of claimant satisfaction for Manitobans,” said Guimond. “FINEOS Claims offers us the flexibility and configurability to deliver our clients access to superior products, coverage and value. MPI is of the opinion that we now have the best Personal Injury claims system in Canada and the smooth implementation has validated our selection of FINEOS as the best core claims system we could find in the market. MPI looks forward to continued partnership and progress as we move into the next phases of this project”.

Before the implementation of the new system, MPI case managers conducted the majority of their claims process manually. There was no single view of the customer and claims staff had to access multiple systems to find key information. FINEOS Claims will deliver improved operational efficiency by increasing straight-through processing, automating the resolution of tasks, and reducing manually intensive processes. The new system will enhance the customer experience and introduce advanced case management capabilities, so vital for bodily injury claims, where a number of third parties are usually involved in the claim. From a financial perspective, the introduction of FINEOS will lead to productivity improvements and, through better management of the claims process, ultimately lead to reductions in claims payments.

Michael Kelly, CEO, FINEOS Corporation, “We are delighted to see that the implementation of FINEOS Claims at MPI has been so successful. We thank the teams on both sides for their hard work and dedication in getting this project over the line. We would especially like to acknowledge the important role played by MPI in heading up the FINEOS Client Advisory Group in North America. MPI has led the way in ensuring that customer feedback goes directly to the FINEOS Team involved in defining new products and extensions to current solutions”.

About Manitoba Public Insurance Manitoba Public Insurance is a non-profit Crown corporation based in Manitoba, Canada that has provided basic public auto insurance since 1971. In addition to running its own claim centres and customer service centres, the corporation partners with more than 300 independent insurance brokers to provide insurance and driver’s licence products and services to about 750,000 customers across the province. More than 1,700 people are employed by Manitoba Public Insurance. Its basic automobile insurance product is known more informally as Autopac. Basic automobile insurance is compulsory in Manitoba and is only available through Manitoba Public Insurance. Extension insurance products (lower deductibles, increased insurance coverage, etc.) are sold in competition with the private sector. For more information, please visit

About FINEOS Corporation FINEOS is a market leading provider of core software solutions for Insurance and Government Social Insurance. Our flagship product, FINEOS Claims, is the insurance industry’s best-in-class solution for all Property & Casualty (General), Life, Disability and Government insurance. FINEOS has an enviable track record of 100% successful, high quality implementations delivering tangible business benefits which exceed customer expectations. Established in 1993, the company delivers innovative solutions to a global market and has customers, employees and established bases in North America, Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific markets. For more information, visit