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8 out of 10 Collisions Caused by Distracted Driving

TORONTO, Oct 4 /CNW/ – Nearly all Canadian drivers view distracted driving negatively, yet most Canadians (75 per cent) still engage in the behaviour, according to a new Allstate Canada poll conducted by Leger Marketing.

Distracted driving consists of visual, manual or cognitive distractions. The most common are talking on a mobile phone or texting while driving, changing a CD, eating or drinking, using an electronic device like a GPS, applying makeup or being pre-occupied with other passengers.

Canadians perceive the types of distracted driving behaviours differently. For example, 88 per cent of Canadians perceive texting while driving negatively but only 19 per cent have a negative view of adjusting the radio or iPod. Regardless of the distraction, taking your eyes off the road for five seconds while driving at 90 km/h is like driving the length of a football field completely blind.

“Our research shows that Canadians do not fully understand what is considered to be a distraction while driving and continue to engage in those dangerous behaviours,” says Saskia Matheson of Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. In fact, eight out of every 10 collisions are caused by distracted driving.

Other highlights from the survey include:

— One-quarter of Canadians say that they, or someone they know, have been

in an accident caused by a distracted driver.

— Thirty seven per cent of Canadians in the 18-24 age group have been, or

know someone who has been, in an accident caused by a distracted driver.

— Full survey results are available at

Allstate Canada is also encouraging young Canadians to take the Action Against Distraction pledge. By taking the pledge, Canadians confirm their commitment to avoid distractions while driving and make a promise to themselves and their community to do their part to make the roads a safer place.

To learn more about distracted driving, Canadians can contact their local Allstate agency or visit where they can watch a video, sign the Action Against Distraction pledge and find out more information about the dangers of distracted driving.

Action Against Distraction Driving Challenge, Calgary, Alberta

In order to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, Allstate Canada is holding an Action Against Distraction Driving Challenge at Stampede Park in Calgary on October 4, 2010. Teens from local high schools are invited to take their vehicles, with the guidance of a professional instructor, through a series of driving challenges that demonstrate first-hand the dangers of distracted driving.


The survey was conducted using Leger Marketing’s Web panel between Monday, July 26th and Wednesday, July 28th, 2010. A total of 1,605 interviews were completed with Canadian adults, 18 years of age and older. A probability sample of the same size would yield a margin of error of 2.4 per cent.

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