CarInsuranceList.Com Relaunches With an Intuitive, Accessible Design

Since 2002 has offered a “one-stop-shop” online for drivers to educate themselves about the myriad choices available to them in the area of car insurance. Now the San Jose, California-based site has relaunched after an extensive re-design. The new look showcases the site’s database of news, research, and active car insurance quotes through an updated interface that is both attractive and intuitive.

“It never hurts to throw some new paint on the walls,” said Jon Davidson, CEO. “But we took the site down to the studs. When you have a site this rich in data, it’s easy for the navigation to get cumbersome and inefficient. We listened to what our readers were telling us and came back with a structure that looks good and keeps the information fresh and accessible.”

Major topics at like “Insurance Rates” and “Buying Online” now appear in a simple bulleted menu on the left side of the page. Current news and recent articles are summarized in boxes on the right with links to the full length pieces, while car insurance quotes are prominently placed in a green box to the upper left.

“In general we’ve gone to something more like a conventional newspaper layout,” said Davidson. “It’s not a matter of going old school — far from it. This kind of layout works because people know how to use it. Our readers are already confused about insurance when they come to us. Our job is to clear up that confusion, not make it worse. We know our data is good and now our site more than lives up to the quality of its content.”

When a user requests a car insurance quote they are matched with insurance companies in their area that can offer good price points while meeting the necessary state requirements for coverage. The goal is to provide consumers with the tools they need to find insurance agents who will get them the policies they must have without compromising their financial well-being in the process.

In addition to helping readers make good choices on comprehensive but cheap car insurance, provides educational articles on car accident statistics and defensive driving along with “how to” information on topics like avoiding road rage.

“If you drive you have to have car insurance, period,” said Davidson, “but the real goal is to never be in a position where you need to activate that policy. An insurance policy isn’t a license to be a bad driver or to act irresponsibly. That’s why your rates go up when you’re in one accident after another. Safety and good driving are just as important to us as solid insurance quotes.” is a user-centered website. New articles are added regularly to keep readers abreast of the latest developments and rates in the automotive insurance industry. The editors welcome and invite your questions, comments, and ideas. Send email to: [email protected]

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