CarInsurance.Com Premium Index Shows Latest Car Insurance Trends

U.S. annual auto insurance premiums averaged $1,674 in September 2009! Get a quote for car insurance and compare your rate to the Premium Index (CPI). CPI reports the lowest annual car insurance rates customers received when they compare quotes at CPI includes trends and tools that assist drivers to find the best rate. Getting a car insurance quote is the only way to compare and save.

Many websites offer the ability to compare car insurance rates. is a name you can trust. They offer tools and resources that help you make an informed decision before you buy auto insurance. gives consumers the information and resources they need to make informed auto insurance decisions.

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If you review each state, you can see that compared to the national average, some states are less expensive to live in. For example, last month Arizona’s average car insurance rates were 2% lower than the national average. Arkansas’s insurance rates were 34% lower than the national average. Michigan was 20% higher and Pennsylvania was 27% higher than the national average. You can review your local car insurance costs and state car insurance information here:

A simple car insurance quote at will help you compare car insurance rates quickly and instantly online. In addition, you can speak with a licensed agent at anytime. With insurance rates fluctuating in 2009, you have to get auto insurance quotes to find the best car insurance for your situation. makes it easy to Click, Compare, Save!

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